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We offer the most important vehicle to drive your business to success.

Customized script and stable environment.

Many ways of earnings and over 70 payment methods.

Fast and responsive customer support. 24/7 non-stop support.

Fast withdrawal within a few seconds up to a few hours.

No need to do any investment for payouts.

We have several years of experience in this market.

No earnings limit, No cashout limits, No hidden fees.



Reach to 150 direct referrals and get one month Golden membership for free

Reach to 250 direct referrals and get two months Golden membership + 25 Rented referrals for free

Reach to 450 direct referrals and get six months Golden membership + 50 Rented referrals for free

Reach to 550 direct referrals and get an annual Golden membership + 100 Rented referrals for free

The first 20 members who can get 1,000 direct referrals, will be awarded a free annual Ultimate membership.

The first 5 members who reach 1,000 rented referrals, will get $25 in their purchase balance.

The first 30,000 members will get 3,000 banner credits upon joining.

Add fund bonus, membership discount, extended rented referral discount and more.

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Be active in our forum and get amazing rewards including cash! Check below

Create tutorial to help our new members and get up to $0.15 for each topic.

Create short YouTube videos and get up to $0.35 for each video.

Post your payment proof and get up to $0.25 for each payment proof.

Post your daily stats (your RR, DR, balance, total investment, earnings strategy...) and get up to $1.00.

Reach to 200 posts and get up to $4.00

Reach to 1,000 posts and get up to $30.00

Reach to 10,000 posts and get up to $50.00 + $9 monthly for 12 months

Members’ benefits:

Earn up to $0.10 per click.

Earn up to $0.04 per ref click.

Earn up to $400 per referral upgrade.

Earn up to 10% per referral Ad purchase.

Get paid to play games - Earn up to $1.00

Earn by doing micro jobs (forum posting, creating tutorial, etc.)

Up to 100 chances daily for playing AdGrid.

15-day and 30-day RR renewal period are available!

Low withdrawal limit of $3

Use our internal send money feature to help your referrals.

No need to invest to get payouts and there is no deposit fee.

Unlimited withdrawal. Get your payment within a few hours.

Join our telegram channel and earn more by our Binance signals.

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advertisers’ benefits:

Advanced demographic filter, target visitors worldwide.

Anti-cheat protection.

Add your rotation plan instantly.

Free 3,000 banner credits for first 30,000 members.

Free $0.15 for first 5,000 members.

PTC Ad credits start as low as $0.10 USD

Fixed PTC ad credits start as low as $0.99 USD

Featured Ad credits start as low as $0.05 USD

Featured Link Ad credits start as low as $0.35 USD

Banner Ad credits start as low as $0.20 USD

PTSU credits start as low as $3.98 USD

AdGrid credits start as low as $0.25 USD

Login Ad credits start as low as $0.25 USD

Special Advertising Packages start as low as $4.86 USD

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Participate in our competitions:

Unique Referral Contest - Unlimited rewards

We do not put any limits on your rewards, so that you can earn between $0.01 to $0.45 per direct referral, depending on your rank in the contest. Also, all members can get unlimited direct referrals during the first referral contest. The winners will be rewarded not only with cash, but also advertisement credits.

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$500 Point Contest

Earn points by posting your payment proofs, make forum posts, click on ads, play AdGrid, get direct referrals, add funds and be active in traffic exchange.

Traffic Exchange:

For every website you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your site. We provide a fair 1:1 up to 1:10 exchange ratio depends on your membership.

There is no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day. 5, 500, or even 3,000!

We reward you with cash and additional traffic for being active in our traffic exchange program. For each 1,000 surf you will get $0.05 Cash, 100 points, 100 PTC Credits and 1,000 banner credits.

Multiple payment options, 70+ altcoins