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We have made some changes - All members must read

Started by Admin Jul 27th, 2019 at 09:02
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Admin (Admin)
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Hello everyone,

Day after day, while Buxeleg gets bigger and bigger, we learn more and more in this business as we deal with more questions, issues, and feedback from our valued members every single day, and this makes us better. As such we are committed to reviewing the situation and performance of the website every now and then and this review can result in some changes to the plan and/or terms of the website. We believe that these changes are crucial and necessary. We need your opinion as users of the service, please provide your constructive feedback on this topic.
Changes to the plans of the website do not mean less earnings, but means balancing a few factors to make the website more stable going forward. Please refer to the upgrade page to check the full details, however, we explain some of the changes here:

- Five categories have been added to the fixed ads which are 8-second, 15-second, 20-second 30-second and 60-second ads.
- Fixed Ad cost has been decreased.
- Fixed Ad (10 sec) earnings increased from $0.0002 to $0.0003
- Three categories have been added to the PTC ads. Macro Exposure (16 sec), Bonus Ads (30 sec) and Extended Exposure (60 sec).
- Purchase Ad commission has increased for Standard and Pioneer members from 0% to 1%.
- Membership Upgrade commission has increased for Standard members from $0.10 to $0.15.
- Recycle Cost has decreased by $0.01 for all membership levels except for Cryptomaster. No change to the Cryptomaster fee.
- No changes to the number of daily 30-sec ads, but two Ads have been moved from Standard Exposure (30 sec) category to Bonus Ads (30 sec) category. The Bonus Ads does not come with any direct referral commissions, but for rents -such as Standard Exposure (30 sec)- the commission is still there.
- To compensate the above item, the direct referral limitation has been lifted for all membership levels and now you can get unlimited direct referrals regardless of your membership type.
- Free annual Ultimate memberships have increased from 15 members to 20 members.
- You can purchase Bonus Ads (30 sec) credits for almost half the price of Standard Exposure (30 sec)
- Direct Referral deletion cost was reduced for all memberships.
- Rent Referrals time has decreased by one day for golden members.
- Auto-recycle was reduced for all memberships.
- ClixGrid chance has increased for all memberships

We hope you are happy with the new conditions and keep supporting us.
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Warm regards.
Buxeleg management team
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Great<br />
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Great updates,
this changes will help to get better user Experience
Especially times Categories for ads and DR limitation remove .
will done and good job .
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i am fine, thx for info
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Like Admin
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Loving the changes
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Quote: jokops
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I think this team knows the business very well and how to manage a website appropriately. Thanks for your hard work and keeping us up to date.

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